Program: Minor in Art History

Program Description

The Art History minor complements many majors, including Anthropology, Asian Studies, Chicana and Chicano Studies, and Sociology. In addition to providing a practical foundation in two- and three-dimensional art, the minor requires 15 to 18 upper division units of art history courses.

Program Requirements

1. Lower Division Requirements (6-9 units)

ART 110 World Arts: The Western Tradition (3)
ART 112 World Arts: Africa, Oceania and the Americas (3)
And/or ART 114 World Arts: Asia (3)
And/or any lower division studio course

2. Upper Division Requirements (15-18 units)

Complete 15 units if 9 lower division units are taken; 18 units if 6 lower division units are taken.

Select Art History courses and upper division studio courses with approval of an Art History advisor.

Total Units in the Minor: 24


Department of Art and Design
Chair: Samantha Fields
Art and Design Center (ADC) 120
(818) 677-2242