Program Description

The minor in Art has two emphases, one in general art and the other in art history. Both consist of 24 units.

Program Requirements

A. Standard Minor

1. Lower Division Requirements (12 units)

ART 124A Drawing I (3)
ART 124B Drawing I (3)
ART 140 Beginning Two-Dimensional Design (3)
ART 141 Beginning Three-Dimensional Design (3)

2. Upper Division Requirements (12 units)

ART 305 Art and Mass Culture (3)
or upper division art history course with consent of advisor (3)


Complete an additional 9 units of Art electives with the consent of an advisor.

Total Units in the Minor: 24

B. Art History Minor

1. Lower Division Requirements (6-9 units)

ART 110 World Arts: The Western Tradition (3)
ART 112 World Arts: Africa, Oceania and the Americas (3)
And/or ART 114 World Arts: Asia (3)
And/or any lower division studio course

2. Upper Division Requirements (15-18 units)

Complete 15 units if 9 lower division units are taken; 18 units if 6 lower division units are taken.

Select Art History courses and upper division studio courses with approval of an Art History advisor.

Total Units in the Minor: 24


Chair: Edward C. Alfano
Associate Chair: Magdy Rizk
Art and Design Center (ADC) 120
(818) 677-2242