Program Description

The Business Honors Program is open to students who are declared majors in Accountancy, Economics, Information Systems, or Business Administration with an option in either Business Analytics, Business Law, Financial Analysis, Financial Planning, Global Supply Chain Management, Management, Marketing, Real Estate, Risk Management and Insurance, or Systems and Operations Management in the Nazarian College of Business and Economics, who meet all Business Honors Program admissions criteria and who apply and are selected for admission to the program.

Students are invited to apply to Business Honors and experience top-tier business courses, enriching extracurricular activities and practical real-world applications. Students who apply and are selected for admission to the program are offered a variety of benefits. Students who fulfill all Business Honors Program requirements will receive the Business Honors option designation on their transcript and diploma in addition to their primary degree. For more information, call (818) 677-3100 or visit the Business Honors Program website.

Program Requirements

1. Required Courses (9 units)

BUS 302BH The Gateway Experience (3)
BUS 489BH Systems Thinking for Organizations (3)
BUS 497BBH Capstone: Small Business Planning and Growth (3)

2. Mentorship Requirement (3 units)

Select one of the following:

BUS 498 Honors Mentorship (3)
FIN 491ABH-CBH Seminar in Financial Analysis (3)

3. Additional Business Honors Courses Requirement (6 units)

Each student must successfully complete 6 additional units of designated Business Honors (BH) courses not taken previously to satisfy the major. These courses may be elective or core classes.

ECON 308BH Economics for Managers (3)
ECON 309BH The Use and Interpretation of Economic Data (3)
ECON 310BH Price Theory and Applications (3)
ECON 311BH Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve (3)
ECON 409BH Introduction to Econometrics (3)
FIN 303BH Financial Management (3)
FIN 352BH Investment Management (3)
FIN 355BH Corporate Finance (3)
MGT 360BH Management and Organizational Behavior (3)
MGT 454BH Leadership, Power and Politics (3)
MKT 304BH Marketing Management (3)
MKT 346BH Marketing Research (3)
MKT 348BH Consumer Behavior (3)
SOM 306BH Operations Management (3)

Additionally, students must maintain a 3.5 minimum cumulative GPA throughout their academic studies to fulfill the Business Honors Program requirements.

Total Units Required in the Honors Program: 18


Business Honors Program
Director: Silvina Bamrungpong
Bookstein Hall (BB) 4264
(818) 677-3100