Course: BIOL 362. Genetics and Society (3)

Prerequisites: BIOL 100 and BIOL 100L, or BIOL 101 and BIOL 101L, or BIOL 102/L, or BIOL 106 and BIOL 106L, or BIOL 107 and BIOL 107L passed with grades of “C” or better and completion of the lower division writing requirement. A non-technical introduction to current topics in genetics and their impact on society and life. Students will learn about the application of genetics to agriculture, environment, human health, and medicine. Students will understand issues pertaining to genetic engineering, cloning, gene therapy, stem cells, etc. Lecture 3 hours. Not for credit in Biology major. (Available for General Education, B5 Scientific Inquiry and Quantitative Reasoning.) (IC) (WI)

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BIOL 362

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