Course: BIOL 492A-Z. Field Studies in Biology (1-2)

The 400-level courses are available for graduate credit. Course fee.

One unit each, 3 hours per week or equivalent:

BIOL 492A Avian Ecology BIOL 414/L
BIOL 492B Marine Biology BIOL 421/L
BIOL 492C Microbial Ecology BIOL 419/L
BIOL 492E Herpetology BIOL 412/L
BIOL 492H Principles of Ecology BIOL 427/L
BIOL 492I Marine Ecology BIOL 429/L
BIOL 492K Flowering Plant Systematics BIOL 406/L
BIOL 492L Pelagic Organisms BIOL 427A/AL
BIOL 492M Mammalogy BIOL 415/L
BIOL 492N Plant Ecology BIOL 407/L
BIOL 492O Conservation Biology BIOL 456
BIOL 492Q Ecology of Marine Fishes BIOL 434/L
BIOL 492U Tropical Biodiversity BIOL 448
BIOL 492V Fungi BIOL 437/L
BIOL 492W Wildlife Ecology and Management BIOL 428/L
BIOL 492Y Phycology BIOL 404/L
BIOL 492Z Behavioral Ecology BIOL 453/L
BIOL 492AA Entomology BIOL 413/L
BIOL 492BB Ichthyology BIOL 430/L

Two units each, 6 hours per week or equivalent:

BIOL 492F Field Ecology BIOL 423
BIOL 492S Tropical Ecology and Conservation BIOL 439/L
BIOL 492T Tropical Vertebrates BIOL 446/L