Course: BLAW 368. Law, Business and Ethics (3)

Prerequisite: Completion of the lower division writing requirement. Study of law, ethics and values in the business environment. The course will examine the ethical issues managers face in organizations within the context of values and law. Students are taught to recognize ethical issues, identify bias, examine values, explore the role of ethics in the workplace, understand the legal environment in which ethical issues arise and consider the role of professional standards in the context of business ethics. Students will learn ethical frameworks with which to analyze ethical problems and decisions. The course uses the case method to provide a process- and problem-solving orientation, to apply ethical theory to business situations, to analyze problems in the context of legal and regulatory frameworks and to provide a basis to internalize knowledge, growth and experience. Students learn skills of critical thinking. (Available for General Education, E Lifelong Learning.) (WI)

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BLAW 368

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