Course: BUS 302. The Gateway Experience (3)

Prerequisites: ACCT 220, ACCT 230; BLAW 280; ECON 160, ECON 161; ENGL 205; IS 212; MATH 103; MATH 140 or SOM 120. (Lower division business core courses). To be taken by all business majors prior to, or concurrently with, the student’s first upper division business core courses. Team-taught course integrating concepts from the lower division core courses by using case studies. Students learn how to build an effective team and to become a team member as well as develop written and oral communication skills. Includes team analyses of case studies, exams and quizzes to review and integrate lower division core material and individual writing assignments, including a term project aimed at helping students develop an effective, customized path to their desired career.

Spring-2024 - Schedule of Classes

BUS 302

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