Course: CADV 499A-C. Independent Study (1-3)

Prerequisite: Arranged with the permission of the instructor. Enrollment in an Independent Study is by permission of the department chair and with the consent of the instructor who agrees to be a sponsor. Enrollment is granted based on evidence of the student’s ability to work independently on a project. Students who are on academic notice (formerly academic probation) or who have been disqualified and have not yet completed academic readmission requirements may not enroll in CADV 499 courses. Regular progress meetings with the faculty sponsor and a final written report are required before credit can be given for the course. Note that the maximum number of units from 499 courses that can be counted toward the baccalaureate degree is 6 units in a major and 6 additional units outside the major. Enrollment in an Independent Study is not allowed for the purpose of substitution for an existing course. An Independent Study is related to a major course or study and is not available for meeting a General Education requirement. (Credit/No Credit only)