Course: CAS 356. Afro-Caribbean Central American Cultures and Identities (3)

Preparatory: Completion of the lower division writing requirement; either CAS 100, CAS 102 or permission of the instructor. This interdisciplinary course examines the history of colonization and racism, as well as the socioeconomic, political and religious conditions that Afro-Caribbean peoples in Central America have endured since the time of their arrival as part of the slave trade until their most contemporary quests for self-determination. This course explores the diverse cultures of the Afro-Caribbean population, the transnational movements and initiatives linked to this population’s struggle for liberation and the challenges that such struggles have represented to the Central American nation/states. Emphasis will be placed on Afro-Caribbean Central American peoples’ cultures, identities, movements, rights, media, gender and migratory issues.

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CAS 356

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