Course: CAS 410. The Central American Child (3)

Preparatory: Completion of the lower division writing requirement. This course examines the educational experience of the Central American child within the context of immigration in the U.S.. At the same time, it compares the educational experience of the Central American child with that of children from other ethnic groups. This perspective provides insight into the Central American educational experience in the U.S.. It analyzes family educational strategies, Central American cultural and ethnic diversity, as well as the legacy of war and violence that has impacted Central American life in the U.S. and their influence on the Central American child’s learning process. In addition, it will assess the educational system within a context of diversity, its outcomes and cultural relevance to Central American learning styles. Moreover, it will identify the national structures of culture, racism, economics and social policy, and their impacts on the local dynamics within the Central American community as well as other ethnic groups, particularly with regard to second language learning, bilingualism and non-Western cultural identities.

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CAS 410

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