Course: CHEM 101. General Chemistry I (4)

Prerequisite: Satisfactory score on the Chemistry Placement Test (CPT) or a grade of “C” or higher (“C-” does not satisfy the prerequisite) in CHEM 100 taken at CSUN only. Basic course in the fundamental principles and theories with special emphasis on chemical calculations. Includes a discussion of the kinetic molecular theory, atomic structures, the periodic table, solutions and oxidation-reduction. Recitation portion covers problem solving, review of the lecture material, and quizzes. (Available for General Education, B1 Physical Science. Students may satisfy the B3 Science Laboratory Activity requirement by completing CHEM 101L). Both CHEM 101 and CHEM 101L must be completed before enrollment in CHEM 102 and/or CHEM 102L. 3 hours lecture and 1 hour recitation per week.

Fall-2021 - Schedule of Classes

CHEM 101

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