Course: CHS 102. Spanish for Heritage Speakers II (3)

CHS 102 is developed specifically to address language learning for heritage speakers. This course provides such training through a variety of activities that focus on further development of speaking, reading, and writing skills beyond the level attained in CHS 101. This course will also help students understand the history, character, and importance of the Hispanic and Latinx communities that form such a substantial part of the U.S. Diverse sociolinguistic aspects of the language will be explored including such topics as language maintenance and development, changing demographics, diversity, the standard variety and bidialectalism. CHS 102 is designed as a continuation of CHS 101 and it is for students who have comprehension and fair fluency in Spanish. The course will be conducted in Spanish and will consist of lectures, students’ presentations of selected readings and a final group project based on fieldwork. (Available for General Education, F Comparative Cultural Studies.)

Fall-2024 - Schedule of Classes

CHS 102

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