Course: CJS 438. Gender and Criminal Justice (3)

Prerequisite: SOC 250 or CJS 102 or CJS 302 or permission of instructor. This course will explore the values, ethics, and ideologies underlying the current justice system and social justice responses, with special application given to the role of sex, gender, gender expression, and gender identity. The course will explore gender and justice beyond the man/woman and male/female dichotomy. In addition, the course examines the scientific study of gender, intersectional social factors such as race, indigeneity, ethnicity, immigration status, class, sexuality/sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, and ability; and interactions with the justice system (police, courts, and corrections). The justice system will be examined with the following components in mind: stereotypes, marginalization, stigmatization, power, privilege, bias, oppression, resistance, compassion, inclusivity, and community. Further, gender identities among professionals in the justice system (police officers, attorneys, judges, correctional officers) will be discussed. Available for graduate credit.

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CJS 438

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