Course: CJS 494A-E/AA-EE. Criminal Justice Internships Seminar and Field Experience (1/2)

Prerequisites: CJS 102 or CJS 302; CJS 430/L; senior standing; permission of instructor. CJS 494A-E and CJS 494AA-EE are corequisite classes for an internship experience relating to one of these five areas: law enforcement (494A and 494AA), law and courts (494B and 494BB), corrections (494C and 494CC), victim services (494D and 494DD), and community based programs (494E and 494EE). This course is designed to bring academic concepts, theories, and other learning to bear on applied experiences in the criminal justice and related fields. Students will gain hands-on experience and develop skills connected to work in the criminal justice system and related sites during a minimum of 120 hours of work in an internship site. An academic research paper synthesizing literature and applying it to data gathered from the site is required. (Credit/No Credit only)