Course: COMP 698DS. Graduate Project (3)

Prerequisites: Advisor approval. By completing a graduate project, students will get an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills gained throughout the Data Science program to a real-world problem. During the project, students engage in the entire process of collecting and processing data, applying suitable and appropriate analytical and computational principles as well as methods to solve large-scale real-world problems. Problem statements for the project and associated datasets originate from real-world domains. Graduate projects typically cover a wide range of interests, including healthcare, science, agriculture, energy, transportation, manufacturing, management, retail, urban planning, marketing, finance, government, entertainment, education, etc. The faculty advisor supervises students with an interactive student mentoring relationship while the graduate project committee and faculty advisor oversee the development of the project providing valuable input to the student. The graduate project is completed in teams of two to four students. This course satisfies the Culminating Experience requirement for an M.S. degree.

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