Program: Minor in Communication Studies

Program Description

The ability to construct, receive and analyze communication is critical for all aspects of human interaction; thus, a minor in Communication Studies provides students with theoretical, analytical and practical approaches to participate effectively in the workplace, in relationships, and in society.

Program Requirements

1. Department Core Requirement (15 units)

COMS 301 Performance, Language and Cultural Studies (3)
COMS 321 Rhetorical DiscourseĀ (3)
COMS 327 Rhetorical Theory (3)
COMS 351 Communication Theory (3)
COMS 356 Intercultural Communication (3)

2. Upper Division Electives (9 units)

Select from upper division courses in Communication Studies.

Total Units inĀ the Minor: 24


Department of Communication Studies
Chair: Jinah Kim
Manzanita Hall (MZ) 220
(818) 677-2853