Course: CTVA 415A-Z. International Cinema (3)

Prerequisites: Grade of “C” or higher in CTVA 100 and CTVA 210; Lower division writing requirement. In-depth analysis of the creative accomplishments of the aesthetic and socioeconomic influences on the cinematic art of a single nation or geographic region other than the U.S. Specific nations or regions will vary from semester to semester. Regular written assignments required. Available for graduate credit with approval of CTVA graduate coordinator. Up to two different sections of this course may be taken for credit in the following areas:

CTVA 415A  Australia
CTVA 415B  Britain
CTVA 415C  China
CTVA 415D  Canada
CTVA 415E  Eastern Europe
CTVA 415F  France
CTVA 415G  Germany
CTVA 415H  Hispanic
CTVA 415I  Italy
CTVA 415J  Japan
CTVA 415S  Survey of a variety of countries