Course: CTVA 415A-Z. Regional and National Cinemas (3)

Prerequisites: Grade of “C” or higher in CTVA 100 and CTVA 210; Lower division writing requirement. In-depth look at the cinema of an individual nation or single region outside of North America with an emphasis on the aesthetic contributions made to international cinema. Films will be examined in their historical and cultural contexts, production circumstances and individual creators. Specific nations or regions will vary from semester to semester. Regular written assignments required. Available for graduate credit with approval of CTVA graduate coordinator.

CTVA 415C China
CTVA 415F France
CTVA 415G Germany
CTVA 415I Italy
CTVA 415J Japan
CTVA 415K Africa
CTVA 415L Latin America
CTVA 415M Middle East
CTVA 415N East Asia
CTVA 415X Mexico