Program: Minor in Electrical Engineering

Program Description

Out of the 21 units, 17 units must be upper division courses. The student may have to complete prerequisite courses such as Math and Physics. Any required non-Electrical Engineering prerequisite courses will not count toward the required 21 units.

This program is not available to students with a major in Computer Engineering.

Program Requirements

1. Lower Division (4 units)

ECE 240 Electrical Engineering Fundamentals (3)
ECE 240L Electrical Circuits Lab (1)

2. Upper Division (17 units)

ECE 320/L Theory of Digital Systems and Lab (3/1)
ECE 340/L Electronics I and Lab (3/1)
ECE 350 Linear Systems I (3)

Select two additional 400-/500-level ECE courses. Students will be required to take the corresponding labs for every elective chosen that offers a lab. All senior electives must be approved by a faculty advisor and the department chair or designee.

Total Units in the Minor: 21


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Chair: Xiaojun Geng
Jacaranda Hall (JD) 4509
(818) 677-2190