Course: EED 477B. Literacy Instruction and English Language Development for Diverse Learners (3)

Prerequisites: EED 477A; Admission to the Integrated Teacher Education Program. Corequisites: EED 578A, EED 579A. This is the second of two courses designed to prepare multiple subject credential candidates to teach reading/language arts and English Language Development (ELD). This course emphasizes concepts of effective instruction for literacy development specific to English language learners, instructional methods for language arts and writing within the context of a comprehensive and developmental literacy program, and literacy in the content areas. Students will analyze and develop language arts, writing, and ELD instructional materials in order to make content comprehensible, and will differentiate instruction for varying English language proficiency levels in multicultural/multilingual settings. This course requires 20 hours of directed fieldwork in a public school during instruction of reading, language arts and English language development. Available for graduate credit with approval from the graduate coordinator.

Spring-2024 - Schedule of Classes

EED 477B

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