Course: EED 602. Applying Technology to Curricular Goals (3)

Prerequisite: EED 513. Advanced-level course in the use of computers in the elementary school curriculum. Primary emphasis is on applications in the various curricular areas in the self-contained classroom with one, two or more computers. Content includes such practical and theoretical considerations as manipulating and analyzing data, communicating through a variety of electronic media, interacting and collaborating with others using the computer-based tools, and developing lessons based upon technological resources. Students will review, modify and design teacher-created instructional materials, which meet their own curricular needs. These materials include Web pages, gameboards, visual charts and multimedia instructional modules. The major software tools used are word processing, database, spreadsheets, drawing and paint programs, Web publishing software, Internet search engines and presentation tools. Course meets the Professional Credential requirement in computer-based technology.

Fall-2024 - Schedule of Classes

EED 602

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