Course: EED 628. Language and Literacy Programs: Leadership, Planning and Evaluation (3)

Prerequisites: EED 625A/L or SED 625A/L, and EED 625B/L or SED 625B/L or instructor consent. Principles of designing, organizing, coordinating and evaluating a variety of bilingual/multilingual programs as well as literacy programs (e.g., K-12 integrated language arts programs, corrective reading/writing programs, programs for students at risk) are presented. Students develop competencies in planning, conducting and evaluating staff development in language and literacy or bilingual/multilingual education. They familiarize themselves with the state textbook adoption process, state frameworks, district curriculum guides, and selected state, national and international language and literacy projects/programs. Strategies for writing grants are offered and participation in professional organizations is encouraged. Students demonstrate ability to provide leadership in decision making for teaching language and literacy or for teaching across the curriculum in bilingual/multilingual programs. Bilingual/multilingual refers to bilingual/bicultural and multilingual/multicultural settings. (Cross-listed with SED 628.)

Fall-2024 - Schedule of Classes

EED 628

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