Course: ELPS 688. Fieldwork in Educational Administration (3)

Prerequisites: This course is restricted to candidates who have been admitted to the Master of Arts in Educational Administration and/or the CA Preliminary Administrative Services Credential program; completion of ELPS 600; teaching experience; 6 hours or less of coursework remaining in the program; and approval of the administrator of the school where the fieldwork is to be performed. Admission is by fieldwork application only, which may be obtained in the department office or online at Application must be received by June 15 for consideration for the Fall semester and by December 15 for consideration for the Spring semester. The experience in this program is at the building site level and reflects, as much as possible, those functions, assignments and responsibilities characteristic of the principal’s office. Students assume a leadership role in implementing the Action Research Project designed in ELPS 600.

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ELPS 688

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