Course: ENGL 205. Business Communication in Its Rhetorical Contexts (3)

Prerequisite: Completion of the lower division writing requirement. Preparatory: GE section A1 Oral Communication; COMP 100 or equivalent. Development of critical writing, thinking, research and technology skills in the context of business. Through substantial writing and other work, students will hone their written, oral and visual communication skills, and their ability to find, synthesize and make arguments based on primary and secondary sources. Emphasis on communication with a diverse audience and case studies about ethical issues common to the local and global business world. This course is required of students who have declared a major in Accountancy, Business Administration, or Information Systems. Also may be taken as an elective by other students who want to enhance their professional communication skills. Not available for students who have earned credit for BUS 105 or BUS 205.

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ENGL 205

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