Course: ENGL 458. Romanticism, Revolution, and Rights (3)

Prerequisite: Completion of the lower division writing requirement. Preparatory: 6 units of lower division literature courses, or 3 units of lower division literature and ENGL 355. Study of literary experimentation in print and visual culture during the Romantic era of 1780-1832 as framed by multiple revolutions (American, French, and Haitian) and radical political activity (1790s pamphlet wars, rights of men, early suffragists, and abolitionist, literary, and labor movements). Texts may include, for example, works by Equiano, Mary Prince, Hannah More, Godwin, Wollstonecraft, Blake, Coleridge, Dorothy Wordsworth, Mary Shelley, Felicia Hemans. Emphasis on critical writing. Available for graduate credit.

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ENGL 458

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