Course: ENGL 497A. Honors Revision Seminar (3)

Preparatory: Senior honors standing; Preparation of an article-length manuscript, to be a revised version of a seminar paper from honors seminars ENGL 392, ENGL 393, ENGL 492 or ENGL 493. Students will have the opportunity to experience a full and rewarding revision process, through which they will develop an existing paper into a more sophisticated analysis that is richly researched and rhetorically and stylistically polished. Students will have the time to practice stages in the revision process that typically get short shrift when trying to develop a paper in a single semester. The resulting 20- to 25-page research essay will be suitable as a writing sample for graduate school applications or as concrete evidence of well-honed writing and thinking skills when searching for a job.

Spring-2024 - Schedule of Classes


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