Course: EPC 639C. Fieldwork in Early Childhood (3-3)

Prerequisites: EPC 430; Formal admittance into the master’s program in Early Childhood Education. Supervised fieldwork in a variety of early childhood and parent-child settings. Students are required to spend 20 hours in fieldwork per academic unit (e.g., 3 units requires 60 hours of fieldwork) and participate in a 2-hour weekly seminar with their fieldwork professor. Normally, students will enroll in this course for 3 units (639C) during their first semester, requiring work directly with young children. Successful completion of this course is required for students to be fully classified in the master’s program in Early Childhood Education. Additional semesters may be taken as program electives in settings approved by the course professor.

Fall-2022 - Schedule of Classes

EPC 639C

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