Course: EPC 674SP. Family Development Across the Lifespan (3)

Prerequisite: Admission to CSUN’s master’s program in School Psychology. This course enables students to use information about family systems and systems ecological theory to help individuals and families reach developmental milestones and effectively transition through stages of individual and family development. Topics covered include family life development and family systems, to include diverse families, parenting, marriage, divorce, step-parenting, among other various family systems, grief and specific problems that affect families, such as domestic violence and substance abuse. Health, assets, risk and resiliency, wellness models, and psychosocial developmental processes that include how culture, diversity, gender, religion, socioeconomic opportunities, and social justice affect individual and family development. Culturally diverse families and the bilingual child and an overview of assessment issues are also covered. Evidence-based strategies to support positive family development and their influences on children’s learning, socialization, and mental health and home school collaboration is a focus of this class, as well as empowering parents to be collaborators and social advocates for their children and youth. Accessing community resources and agencies to support families and youth will also be part of the class.

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