GBUS 502. Seminar in Managerial Finance/Accounting (3)

Prerequisite: ACCT 501. Interdisciplinary course dealing with the financial decision making process. Topics include the analysis and interpretation of financial statements, product costing, including activity based overhead cost allocations, financial planning and budgeting, working capital management, valuation, capital budgeting, sources of capital and capital structure, dividend policy and the management of risk and return in …

GBUS 593. Management/Marketing Seminar (3)

The seminar integrates the fields of marketing and management and draws on previous coursework to give students a basic understanding of business strategy. The course will provide an overview of marketing, management and business strategy theory. Business strategy cases and simulations will be used to help students apply the concepts taught in this course and …

GBUS 598C. MBA Internship (3)

Prerequisite: Graduate student in good standing. Individual study pertaining to future career and application of knowledge, skills and abilities gained in MBA coursework. Student must obtain an approved internship requiring MBA-level responsibilities. Faculty mentor and employer will determine scope of work. This academic internship course is available on a Credit/No Credit basis only. May not …

GBUS 600. Analysis of Contemporary Organizations (3)

Interdisciplinary course introducing new graduate students to the field of business. Focuses on the nature of organizations and the inter-relatedness of the functional areas. Explores intellectual and historic roots of management theories through readings of primary source materials. Students develop communication and research skills through individual and group projects that focus on organizations and their …

GBUS 691. Small Business Consulting (3)

Prerequisites: GBUS 600; Classified status. Under faculty advisement, students conduct consulting projects for local small business owners, entrepreneurs and not-for-profit organizations. Interdisciplinary course integrating a broad range of business disciplines and stresses their interactions with client companies. Provides students with the framework and experience needed for consulting. Students are responsible for evaluating clients’ needs, determining …

GBUS 695A-Z. Experimental Topics Courses (3)

Prerequisites: Permission of department chair and director of graduate programs.

GBUS 696A-G. Directed Graduate Research (1)

Prerequisites: Permission of department chair and director of graduate programs.

GBUS 697A-G. Directed Comprehensive Studies (3)

Prerequisite: Permission of director of graduate programs. Not open to students writing a thesis. Open only to graduate students who have completed or are currently completing their course requirements and have only the comprehensive exam to take.

GBUS 698A-G. Graduate Thesis (3-6)

Prerequisites: Permission of department thesis committee and director of graduate programs. Number of units allowed depends upon the study undertaken.