Corequisite: GEOG 112. Severe global climate change will have disastrous consequences for Earth’s natural environment and human populations. This course provides students the opportunity to learn the scientific foundation for understanding climate change in the long and short terms and the role it plays in Earth’s atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and biosphere. Implications for climate change are examined in the context of sustainability at multiple spatial and temporal scales. This course will develop the basic science behind the predictions for Earth’s climate, and explain why human activities, primarily the emission of greenhouse gases, are the main drivers of global warming. Course topics include the causes of climate change, its impacts, projections for the future, possible mitigation strategies, and economic barriers imposed by the global capitalist system. Not available for credit in addition to GEOG 111L, SUST 111L or SCI 111L. 2 hours laboratory per week. (Available for General Education, B3 Science Laboratory Activity. Students satisfy the B1 Physical Science requirement by completing GEOG 112.)

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