Course: GEOG 375. Environment, Economy, and Development (3)

Prerequisite: Completion of the lower division writing requirement. How do you explain environmental change without falsely blaming the world’s poor? Why do we feel faced with a choice between the economy and the environment? And what have communities around the world been doing to work, produce, consume, and engage in environmental stewardship in new ways that support both environmental and human well-being? This geography course shows you how to integrate economic, environmental, and socio-cultural analysis in order to answer these questions. Geography has always included the study of both environmental change and human livelihoods. This course draws on the economic geography theory of “diverse economies” and the environmental geography approach of “political ecology” to answer these questions. The course provides concepts and research applications that students can use to explore and explain the links between environment, economy, and development.

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GEOG 375

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