Program: Minor in Geology

Program Description

A minor in Geology is designed for students who are interested in Earth Sciences, but with a major in another department. For example, majors in other sciences, mathematics, engineering and business often find employment in environmental, resource-related and energy-related industries. For these majors, the Geology minor broadens the individual’s understanding of the Earth Sciences and how they relate to human endeavors.

Program Requirements

1. Lower Division Required Courses (4 units)

Any 100-level GEOL course and any 100-level GEOL lab (3/1)

2. Upper Division Required Courses (20 units)

GEOL 300/GEOL 301 Environmental Geology and Lab (3/1)
GEOL 303 Communicating Geoscience (2)
GEOL 306/L Earth Materials and Lab (3/1)
GEOL 309/L Earth Tectonics and Structure (3/1)
GEOL 313 Field Methods (2)
GEOL 314/L Earth Systems and Lab (3/1)

Total Units in the Minor: 24

More information

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Department of Geological Sciences
Chair: Richard V. Heermance
Live Oak Hall (LO) 1202
(818) 677-3541