Program: Minor in Journalism

Program Description

The Journalism minor is designed to enhance career options for students in a wide variety of disciplines, such as political science, sociology, English, languages, ethnic studies, history, anthropology, and gender and women’s studies. Minors complete lower and upper division core requirements as well as upper division electives. They also are allowed to follow an area of interest in contemporary news media—digital and print newspaper/magazine, photojournalism/visual communication and graphics, television and radio news, new and ethnic media as well as public relations.

Program Requirements

1. Lower Division Core Requirements (9 units)

JOUR 100 Mass Communication (3)
JOUR 110/L News Reporting I and Lab (2/1)
JOUR 210/L News Reporting II and Lab (2/1)

2. Upper Division Core Requirements (5-6 units)

Select one of the following (depending on area of emphasis): 3 units

JOUR 310 Feature Writing (3)
JOUR 315 Broadcast Reporting (3)
JOUR 341 Writing for Public Relations (3)
JOUR 350 Photojournalism (3)

Select one of the following (depending on area of emphasis): 2-3 units

JOUR 330 Editing (2)
JOUR 331 Graphics (2)
JOUR 335 Writing, Producing and Editing Television News (2)
JOUR 450 Advanced Photojournalism (3)

3. Upper Division Electives (6 units)

At least 6 units approved in advance by faculty advisor. These electives may be any courses offered by the Journalism department so long as all prerequisites are met.

4. Optional Experiential Skills Courses (3 units)

Select one of the following:

JOUR 460 Magazine Journalism (3)
JOUR 494CEE Internship (3)
JOUR 495A-Z Selected Topics in Journalism (3)

Total Units in the Minor: 20-24

More information

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Department of Journalism
Chair: Stephanie Bluestein
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