Program Description

The B.A. in Dance (62 units) provides a broad-based liberal arts program and promotes the value of dance at the individual, community, and society level. Students enrolled in the B.A. in Dance will acquire practical skills and fundamental knowledge related to a variety of dance techniques, critically and creatively investigate concepts within the larger domains of dance, demonstrate and practice cultural and body literacy, generate and perform creative dance works, and critically identify, analyze, interpret, reflect and evaluate dance works and skills. The degree provides a broad-based foundation for work in the arts or entertainment, pedagogy, a variety of careers in dance-related fields, as well as non-performance fields and provides preparation for further training at graduate schools or conservatories.

Program Requirements

Admission Requirements

Successfully admitted to CSUN, either as a freshman or a transfer student. Must meet all admission requirements of the CSUN campus. No qualifying requirements such as auditions are planned for the B.A. in Dance. Once accepted to CSUN B.A. in Dance program, students might be required to participate in a level placement assessment in order to be placed in higher-level courses that require prerequisite completion.

Program Major Degree Requirements (62 units)

1. Technique (21 units)

DANC 139B Ballet II (1)
DANC 141B Jazz Dance II (1)
DANC 143B Hip Hop Dance Culture II (1)
DANC 318 Intermediate Classical and Contemporary Ballet Technique (3-3)
DANC 319 Intermediate Modern Dance (3-3)
DANC 321 Intermediate Contemporary Dance Forms (3-3)
DANC 418 Advanced Classical and Contemporary Ballet Technique (3-3)
DANC 419 Advanced Modern Dance (3-3)
DANC 421 Advanced Contemporary Dance Forms (3-3)

2. Cultural Literacy (9 units)

MUS 105 Understanding Music (3)
DANC 380/L Perspectives of Dance and Lab (2/1)
DANC 384 Historical and Cultural Aspects of Dance (3)

3. Body Literacy (11 units)

BIOL 101 General Biology (3)
BIOL 101L General Biology Lab (1)
BIOL 211 Human Anatomy (2)
BIOL 212 Laboratory Studies in Human Anatomy (1)
DANC 148 Dance Conditioning and Somatic Practices (1)

Choose 3 units from the following courses:

DANC 421 Advanced Contemporary Dance Forms (3-3)
DANC 519 Seminar in Dance Science (3)
DANC 543 Dance Performance Analysis (3)

4. Pedagogy (Choose 3 units from the following courses)

DANC 314/L Creative Dance for Children and Lab (2/1)
DANC 315/L Analysis and Application of Multi-Cultural Dance Forms for Children and Adolescents and Lab (2/1)
DANC 317 Advanced Analysis of Dance Forms–Ballet, Jazz, Modern (3)

5. Composition (9 units)

DANC 236/L Introduction to Choreography and Lab (2/1)
DANC 316/L Choreographic Forms and Lab (2/1)
DANC 426 Choreography (3)

6. Production and Performance (Choose 9 units from the following)

TH 263/TH 263P Fundamentals of Lighting and Sound Technology and Production Participation (2/1)
DANC 427 Dance Production (3)
DANC 498WC Dance Concert Modes (3)

7. General Education requirements (48 units)

Undergraduate students must complete 48 units of General Education as described in this Catalog, including 3 units of coursework meeting the Ethnic Studies (ES) graduation requirement.

11 units are satisfied by the following courses in the major: BIOL 101 satisfies 3 units of B2 Life Science; BIOL 101L satisfies 1 unit of B3 Science Laboratory/Activity; DANC 380/L satisfies 3 units of upper division C1 Arts; DANC 148 satisfies 1 unit of division E Lifelong Learning; and DANC 384 satisfies 3 units of upper division F Comparative Cultural Studies and fulfills the Information Competence requirement.

Total Units in Major: 62

General Education Units: 38

Additional Units: 20

Total Units Required for the B.A. Degree: 120


Department of Kinesiology
Chair: Douglas McLaughlin
Redwood Hall (RE) 250
(818) 677-3205

Program Learning Outcomes

Students receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Dance will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate and apply competency beyond basic coursework and performance in one or more dance forms (i.e., modern dance, contemporary dance forms, ballet, hip hop, jazz, Folklorico, Latin dance), which will enable students to pursue careers in dance and dance-related fields.
  2. Generate, prepare, evaluate, perform, and solve artistic problems required in dance choreography, performance, production, and artistic expression to effectively connect with diverse audiences.
  3. Critically identify, analyze, interpret, reflect and evaluate dance in oral, written, visual, and movement communication modalities.
  4. Describe, compare, analyze, and evaluate historical, sociocultural, and kinesiological dimensions of dance.