Program: B.A., Liberal Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies

Program Description

The Liberal Studies option in Interdisciplinary Studies is a broad undergraduate liberal arts major leading to the B.A. degree. It is an interdisciplinary major with a balance of studies in the language arts, natural sciences, mathematics, social sciences, humanities, visual arts and performing arts. Courses are drawn from various academic departments throughout the University. The Liberal Studies major can provide a general liberal arts degree.

This program is administered through The Tseng College. It is entirely funded by student fees and is offered in the cohort format.

Program Requirements

1. Core Courses (33 units)

1. The Global Humanities (3 units)

HUM 101 Forms and Ideas in Humanities (3)

2. Philosophy and Culture (3 units)

PHIL 150 Introduction to Philosophical Thought (3)

3. Social Science (3 units)

ECON 175 Introduction to U.S. Economic History (3)

4. Languages Other than English (3 units)

LING 200 (How) Language Matters (3)

5. Literature (3 units)

RS 310 Religion and Literature (3)

6. Cultural Studies (3 units)

COMS 356 Intercultural Communication (3)

7. Intermediate/Advanced Writing (3 units)

ENGL 205 Business Communication in Its Rhetorical Contexts (3)

8. The Environment (3 units)

URBS 350 Cities of the Developing World (3)

9. Science, Technology Culture (3 units)

PHIL 330 Philosophy of Science (3)

10. Ethics (3 units)

PHIL 349 Contemporary Social and Political Issues (3)

11. Cultural Theories and Methodologies (3 units)

HUM 391 Cultural Theories and Methodologies (3)

2. Track G: Essential Knowledges for the Global Workplace (21 units)

12. The American Enterprise System (3 units)

BUS 104 Introduction to Business (3)

13. Quantitative Literacy (3 units)

MATH 331 Mathematical Explorations (3)

14. Critical Thinking (3 units)

PHIL 305 Business Ethics and Public Policy (3)

15. Cultural Literacy (3 units)

LRS 402 Cultural Literacies in Career Contexts (3)

16. Communication Competency (6 units)

COMS 443 Rhetoric of Business (3)

ENGL 407 Composition and the Professions (3)

17. Information Literacy (3 units)

LRS 401 Research in the Digital Age for Professionals (3)

3. General Education (48 units)

Undergraduate students must complete 48 units of General Education as described in this Catalog, including 3 units of coursework meeting the Ethnic Studies (ES) graduation requirement.

Total Units in the Major: 54

General Education Units: 48

Additional Units: 18

Total Units Required for the B.A. Degree: 120


Department of Liberal Studies
Chair: Ranita Chatterjee
Education Administration (EA) 100
(818) 677-3300

Student Learning Outcomes

The Department of Liberal Studies at California State University, Northridge, is committed to producing socially responsible, informed and engaged individuals who value diversity and:

  1. Demonstrate proficient knowledge in their area of specialization and a range of disciplines.
  2. Demonstrate proficiency in multimodal communication.
  3. Access, evaluate and make use of a range of informational resources.
  4. Demonstrate a depth of critical thinking.