Course: MATH 331. Mathematical Explorations (3)

Prerequisites: Multiple Measures Placement in GE-level Mathematics, or credit in MATH 093 or MATH 196QR or MATH 196S. Completion of the lower division writing requirement; Upper division standing. A course designed to give students an appreciation of the diversity of mathematics and the spirit in which it is employed in various applications. The character and origin of key topics from different branches of mathematics are explored. The contributions of various cultures to the field are studied, along with the use of mathematical models for physical problems. The development is conceptual rather than axiomatic, and includes several supervised reading and writing assignments. One significant writing assignment is required. Strongly recommended for prospective teachers in all fields. Not available for credit toward the major or minor in Mathematics. (Available for General Education, B5 Scientific Inquiry and Quantitative Reasoning.) (WI)

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MATH 331

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