Academic Advisement

Upon admission as a mathematics major, the student should contact the Department of Mathematics for assignment of an advisor. Courses taken to fulfill elective requirements must have prior approval by the student’s advisor. Undergraduate mathematics majors must consult with their advisor each semester to be cleared for registration. Visit the website for a current list of advisors.


Math majors tend to be highly satisfied with employment after college. They are generally well compensated and the work is usually strongly related to mathematics. The best five jobs listed in a recent Jobs Rated Almanac—software engineer, actuary, computer systems analyst, computer programmer and mathematician—all require a very strong background in mathematics. In fact, almost every one of the top 50 jobs involves a significant amount of mathematical reasoning and knowledge.

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Credential Information

The Secondary Teaching Option provides preparation for the student who plans to teach mathematics at the secondary level. Students in this option may enroll in a post-baccalaureate teacher preparation program to earn a Preliminary Single Subject Credential in Mathematics. Alternatively, students who meet the eligibility requirements can enter either the Four-Year Integrated Mathematics (FYI-Math) Teacher Credential Program or the Junior-Year Integrated Mathematics (JYI-Math) Teacher Credential Program, in which students earn both a bachelor’s degree and a Preliminary Single Subject Credential and are qualified to teach full time upon graduation. These options have been approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing as academic programs for the Single Subject Credential in Mathematics. For details on the Single Subject Credential program, see the Credential Office and Department of Secondary Education sections in this Catalog.


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