Course: FLIT 325. Social Issues in Modern China (3)

Prerequisite: Completion of the lower division writing requirement. This course provides an in-depth analysis on some of the key social problems in China in the context of rapid urbanization, economic growth and social policies. Students will learn about the diversity of people in modern China (i.e., socioeconomic, age, generation, urban/rural, gender, regional, ethnic, religious), will gain an understanding of the historical, social, political and economic factors which have impacted the people in China, and will learn about how social problems impact social groups, individuals, communities and/or societies. Students will also understand and analyze quantitative and qualitative evidence from readings on modern day China. Social issues will be explored within the context of social mobility and inequality, changing family and household structures, globalization and China’s rapid economic development. No background of China or knowledge of the language required. (Available for General Education, D1 Social Sciences.) (WI)

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FLIT 325

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