Program: Minor in Classical Greek and Roman Civilization

Program Description

A minor in Classical Greek and Roman Civilization is of interest and value to students who are studying Anthropology, Art History, Drama, English, History, Humanities, Philosophy, Political Science, Religious Studies or Communication Studies. Students who decide to minor in Classical Greek and Roman Civilization are required to meet with an advisor or the coordinator to plan their program. All courses in this program are conducted in English; a knowledge of Latin and Greek is not required.

Program Requirements

A. Lower Division Required Courses (9 units)

ART 110 World Arts: The Western Tradition (3)
FLIT 150 Gateways to Western Civilization: Greece and Rome (3)
PHIL 201 Ancient Western Philosophy (3)

B. Upper Division Required Courses (18 units)

Select three courses (9 units) from each of the following categories for a total of 18 units.

1. Literature and Religion

Select two from the following:

CLAS 315 Greek and Roman Mythology (3)
FLIT 423 The Greek and Roman Epic in Translation (3) (Cross-listed with ENGL 423)
FLIT 424 Drama of Greece and Rome (3) (Cross-listed with ENGL 424)

Select one from the following:

FLIT 480 Greek and Roman Literature in Translation (3) (Cross-listed with ENGL 480)
TH 422 Theatre and Drama of Greece and Rome (3)

2. Art History, History and Philosophy

ART 420 History of Greek Art and Architecture (3)*
ART 421 History of Roman Art and Architecture (3)*
HIST 410 The Ancient Greek World (3)*
HIST 411 Rome from Republic to Empire (3)*
HIST 497A Proseminar in Ancient History (3)*
PHIL 401 Advanced Ancient Philosophy (3)*

*All asterisked courses have prerequisites that may be waived by the instructor for students in this program.

Total Units in the Minor: 27

Other Recommended Courses

The following recommended but not required courses will contribute to a better understanding of classical Greece and Rome.

HIST 150 Western Civilization to 1500 (3)
HIST 303 Themes in Western Civilization Before 1500 (3)
POLS 411 Greek, Roman, and Medieval Political Theory (3)


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