Course: MSE 562. Introduction to Data Analytics for Engineering Managers (3)

Prerequisite: MSE 362 or equivalent, or instructor consent. This course provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamental concepts and tools of data analytics for improving decision making for engineering managers and overall organization performance. It makes the fundamental topics in data analytics approachable and relevant by using real-world examples and prompts learners to think critically about applying this new knowledge and understanding to the real world from an engineering management perspective. An overview of data analytics is covered including introduction to data quality, prediction, causality, visualization, data wrangling, privacy, and ethics. The major topics discussed are: the process of data analytics in engineering, the core concepts of big data and its application for improved decisions, the principles of data visualization and dashboard design, and the methods, tools and approaches for data analytics.

Fall-2024 - Schedule of Classes

MSE 562

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