Program: Minor in Physics

Program Description

The minor in Physics is available for students who want to augment their major field of study. It is particularly appropriate for those students in engineering and the other sciences and mathematics who desire to develop interdisciplinary skills.

Program Requirements

1. Lower Division Required Courses (32-34 units)

MATH 150A Calculus I (5)

MATH 150B Calculus II (5)

MATH 250 Calculus III (3)

MATH 262 Introduction to Linear Algebra (3)

MATH 280 Applied Differential Equations (3)

PHYS 225/PHYS 220AL Physics I and Mechanics Lab (4/1)
or PHYS 220A/PHYS 220AL Mechanics and Lab (3/1)

PHYS 226/PHYS 220BL Physics II and Electricity and Magnetism Lab (4/1)
or PHYS 220B/PHYS 220BL Electricity and Magnetism and Lab (3/1)

PHYS 227/PHYS 227L Physics III and Lab (4/1)

2. Upper Division Required Courses (9 Units)

A minimum of 9 units chosen from the following, with the approval of the department undergraduate advisor.

PHYS 301 Analytical Mechanics I (3)
PHYS 311 Electromagnetism I (3)
PHYS 365 Experimental Physics I (2)
PHYS 366 Experimental Physics II (2)
PHYS 375 Quantum Physics I (3)
PHYS 431 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics (4)
PHYS 493 Physics and Astronomy Colloquium (1)

Total Units in the Minor: 41‐43


Department of Physics and Astronomy
Chair: Debi Choudhary
Live Oak Hall (LO) 1128
(818) 677-2775