Course: PSY 351. Behavioral Psychology and Therapy (3)

Prerequisites: PSY 150, PSY 250; Completion of the lower division writing requirement. Corequisite/Prerequisite for Psychology majors only: Concurrent enrollment in or prior completion of PSY 301. The focus of this course is on how we learn certain behaviors, why we behave as we do and how human behavior can be modified. Topics include basic concepts, research methods used to study adaptive and maladaptive behaviors, assessment procedures, intervention strategies and outcomes, self-management and ethical considerations in practice. This course fulfills the 300-level Clinical/Personality Psychology Cluster requirement for Psychology majors.

This course serves in a series of courses that prepares students to apply for the Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) Exam.

Fall-2024 - Schedule of Classes

PSY 351

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