Course: PSY 488AA-ZZ. Advanced Inquiry in Cognitive Psychology (3)

Prerequisites: PSY 301, PSY 320/L, PSY 321/L; Any course from required Cognitive Cluster (PSY 304, PSY 367, PSY 369 or PSY 382); Score of 8 or higher on the Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam. Recommended Corequisite (when offered): Corresponding PSY 488AA-ZZ Seminar. This course provides advanced study of topics of current interest in sub-areas of cognitive psychology. Topics within sub-areas listed below may change each semester. Students will demonstrate knowledge of statistics and research methods obtained in prerequisite courses. Letters indicate sub-areas within cognitive psychology. Each may be taken one time for credit. Available for graduate credit with consent of student’s graduate advisor. 3 hours lecture.

PSY 488AC Attention and Consciousness
PSY 488CA Cognition and Action
PSY 488CF Cognition and Food
PSY 488E Expertise
PSY 488I Intelligence
PSY 488L Language
PSY 488M Memory
PSY 488MI Mental Imagery
PSY 488OP Origins and Perspectives
PSY 488P Perception
PSY 488PM Pattern Matching
PSY 488PS Problem Solving
PSY 488R Reasoning