Program: Hospitality Management Certificate

Program Description

Notice: The Hospitality Management Certificate is currently suspended.

The certificate is designed to prepare students for leadership roles in the global hospitality industry. The program provides leaders a combination of theory with practical applications for the diverse issues in the hospitality field. The coursework in the certificate can also be applied toward completion of the full Master of Science degree in Tourism, Hospitality, and Recreation Management.

Requirements for Admission to the Graduate Certificate Program

Bachelor’s degree in Recreation, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism, or allied field(s). Contact Tseng College of Extended Learning for more information and application.

This program is available through self support (funded entirely by student fees and offered in a cohort format) in partnership between one of the CSUN academic colleges and The Tseng College.

Program Requirements

RTM 510 Trends and Issues in Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation (3)
RTM 614 Advanced Food and Beverage Management (3)
RTM 620 Effective Teams and Leaders in Tourism, Hospitality, and Recreation Organizations (3)
RTM 634 Contemporary Issues in Accommodations Management (3)
RTM 660 Crisis Management for Tourism, Hospitality, or Recreation Organizations (3)

Total Units for the Certificate: 15


Department of Recreation and Tourism Management
Chair: Nathan Martin
Redwood Hall (RE) 262
(818) 677-3202