Program: Minor in Leadership Through Adventure

Program Description

The department offers three distinct minor programs to meet the needs of professional education within the RTM field and the university. The three minors are: (1) Recreation Management, (2) Hospitality and Tourism, and (3) Leadership Through Adventure.

Leadership development is a critical need within our society today. Leadership is identified as a central competency for recreation professionals as reflected in our accreditation standards.

The Leadership Through Adventure minor utilizes one of the historic traditions in the RTM field; adventure-based experiential learning to develop leadership skills relevant to any field. The minor allows students to focus on developing leadership competencies through both formal and informal learning opportunities; combing theory and practice. The minor develops leadership through a rigorous self-assessment process, an understanding of current research in leadership studies, experiential learning requirements in the classroom plus putting leadership into practice through involvement in on-campus or off-campus leadership opportunities.

Program Requirements

1. Required Core (12 units)

Students begin the minor with the RTM 302 and RTM 306 courses as the gateway courses for the leadership minor. Contact the RTM department for additional information and advisement about the Leadership Through Adventure minor.

RTM 202/L Planning Programs and Events for Recreation Experiences and Lab (2/1)
RTM 294CS/L Recreation Service Learning Theory and Practicum and Lab (1/2)
RTM 302 Dynamics of Leadership in Recreation and Human Services (3)
RTM 306 Leadership Coaching (3)

2. Electives (9 units)

Students complete a minimum of 9 units from the following elective options from a variety of academic disciplines. The 9 units can come from any of the courses listed in any of the categories below. Students should consult with their minor advisor to identify relevant electives courses to fit their leadership development learning plan. Students must complete an assignment focused on personal leadership development from each class and include it in their leadership development portfolio. Other relevant courses by approval of faculty minor advisor.


COMS 356 Intercultural Communication (3)
PSY 383 Interpersonal Competence and Group Dynamics (3)
RTM 310/L Adventure Recreation and Human Relations and Lab (2/1)

Leadership in Organizational Context

PSY 356 Industrial and Organizational Psychology (3)
RTM 444 Nonprofit Organizations and Fund-Development in Leisure and Human Services (3)
RTM 452/L Outdoor Recreation Leadership and Lab (3/2)

Leadership Skill Development

COMS 151 Fundamentals of Public Speaking (3)
COMS 323 Group Communication (3)

Total Units in the Minor: 21


Department of Recreation and Tourism Management
Chair: Nathan Martin
Redwood Hall (RE) 262
(818) 677-3202