Course: SED 505. Completing the Induction Experience (3)

Prerequisite: EED 502 with a grade of “C” or better; Corequisites: Two electives, approved for the individual candidate by the Induction Coordinator, are required to be taken prior to or concurrent with SED 505. This capstone course in the General Education Credential Induction Program for Multiple and Single Subject advances candidates toward the goals described in the Individual Induction Plan (IIP) that they created in EED 502. Course content is built on the foundation established in the candidates’ Preliminary Credential program and uses the California Standards for the Teaching Profession as Student Learning Outcomes. In particular, the course emphasizes the use of formative assessment to enhance teaching and learning; the use of evidence to plan, implement, and assess instruction; and the development of inquiry into practice. In collaboration with the course instructor and the Support Provider, candidates work on areas delineated in their IIP, expanding their knowledge base via goals and activities completed and assessed throughout the program. Candidates demonstrate their development as professional educators who possess advanced professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions. This course must be taken in the last semester of the program.

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SED 505

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