Course: SED 555BL. Supervised Practicum for the Single Subject Credential with BCLAD Emphasis (5)

Required of candidates in the Single Subject Traditional Credential Program who seek Bilingual Cross-Cultural Language and Academic Development (BCLAD) Emphasis. Prerequisites: SED 511; EPC 420; SED 554/S; and one of the following: SED 525, SED 525A, SED 525EN, SED 525HE, SED 525HS, SED 525MA/L, SED 525MU, SED 525PE, SED 525S/L, SED 525SS, or SED 525WL; Clearance from the Credential Office. Corequisite: SED 555S. Pre- or Corequisite for Traditional, Intern, FYI, and JYI Programs: AAS 417/AFRS 417/ARMN 417/CHS 417/ELPS 417; SED 521; SED 529; SPED 420. Pre- or Corequisite for ACT Program only: ELPS 542A; HSCI 466ADO; SED 521; SED 529; SPED 542B. BCLAD Candidates are assigned to classrooms comprised of several English learners with limited proficiency in English where bilingual content instruction, SDAIE (Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English) and/or ELD (English Language Development instruction) are offered. (Credit/No Credit only)

Spring-2024 - Schedule of Classes


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