Course: SED 610MM. Educational Issues in Multicultural and Multilingual Classrooms (3)

Prerequisite: Enrollment is restricted to students in the Master of Arts in Multicultural and Multilingual Education in Secondary Schools degree program or with department permission. This is a required core course for M.A. degree candidates in Multicultural and Multilingual Education in Secondary Schools. This course provides an extended opportunity for advanced critical inquiry into some of today’s most pressing educational issues, such as the impact of globalization on the American educational context, the education of immigrant populations and English learners, and working with multicultural and multilingual students, families and communities. Through research and reading, collegial discussion and debate, reflection and writing, students will develop a more thorough and nuanced understanding of these issues and their implications for working in urban schools. These understandings will prepare students to take a greater leadership role on issues that affect their practice and students’ learning.

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