Course: SED 633. The Program in Reading and Literature Instruction in Multiethnic Secondary Schools (3)

Prerequisite: Enrollment is restricted to students in the Master of Arts in Secondary English Education program or with department permission. Students learn about research-based best practice reading and literature instruction, how to apply those instructional practices in their classrooms of diverse students and how to assess student learning. Seminar discussions, readings and course activities provide students with both the theoretical background and practical applications for teaching reading and literature in many genres. Additionally, students develop clear understandings of standards-aligned practices for developing students’ reading proficiencies, the connections between reading and writing instruction, the distinctions between “text types” as used by the California Common Core State Standards and genre theory as understood by the profession, as well as the ability to apply those understandings to their instructional practices.

Spring-2024 - Schedule of Classes

SED 633

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