Bachelor's Program(s)

Sociology, B.A.

The B.A. in Sociology provides a liberal arts background, which teaches students to think critically; conceptualize problems; apply theories and concepts to real-world issues; collect, analyze and interpret data; carry out research projects; and understand issues of diversity. These skills prepare students for a wide variety of careers in fields such as social and human …

Minor Program(s)

Minor in Sociology

The minor is designed for students interested in learning more about sociology and the theoretical ideas and research methods used by sociologists. Students can choose from a wide array of courses focused on topics such as gender, politics, family, social inequality, race/ethnicity, social movements, globalization, social justice and human sexuality. The minor requires the completion …

Master's Program(s)

Sociology, M.A.

The master’s degree program in sociology provides advanced training in the core areas of sociological theory and research methods, as well as specialized studies in a number of areas, including culture, gender, sexuality, political sociology, race/ethnicity, social movements, sociology of education, evaluation research, immigration, health and social psychology. Graduates of the program have gone on …