Program: B.A., Sociology

Work and Society

Program Description

The Work and Society Option is intended for students interested in studying the diverse ways by which work is organized and experienced. It provides students with a theoretical and practical foundation for understanding how changing labor markets and globalization affect the workplace, as well as the consequences of changes in the nature of work for individuals, institutions and society. In addition, this option prepares students for further education or entry-level careers in a variety of contemporary work settings, such as human resource management, workforce development and training, career and educational counseling, and labor and community organizing. Students majoring in this option are required to meet with one of the option advisors.

Program Requirements

1. Lower Division Required Courses (10 units)

MATH 140 Introductory Statistics (4)
SOC 150 Introductory Sociology (3)
SOC 202 Sociological Analysis (3)

2. Upper Division Required Courses (25 units)

SOC 340 Sociology of Work (3)
SOC 345 Social Psychology (3)
SOC 364/L Social Statistics and Lab (3/1)
SOC 368/S Sociological Theory I and Research Seminar in Sociological Theory I (3/2)
SOC 400 Organizational Theory (3)
SOC 482 Practicum in Work and Society (3)
SOC 497/L Methods of Social Research and Lab (3/1)

3. Electives (18 units)

a. Diversity in the Workplace (minimum of 3 units)

Choose at least 3 units from the following:

AFRS 201 Economics of the African-American Community I (3)
CHS 365 Third World Women and the Chicana (3)
SOC 307 Ethnic Diversity in America (3)
SOC 324 Sociology of Sex and Gender (3)
SOC 325 Sex Roles and Work (3)
SOC 390 Race Relations (3)
Appropriate Experimental Topics courses with advisor pre-approval (3)

b. Labor and Social Policy (minimum of 3 units)

Choose at least 3 units from the following:

EOH 465 Occupational Safety (3)
POLS 361 Introduction to Public Policy (3)
POLS 421 The Politics of Development (3)
SOC 312 American Society (3)
SOC 356 Social Welfare Institutions (3)
SOC 370 Political Sociology (3)
SOC 401 Class, Status and Power in America (3)
SOC 426 Social Legislation and Social Policy (3)
Appropriate Experimental Topics courses with advisor pre-approval (3)

c. Group Dynamics and Communication (minimum of 3 units)

Choose at least 3 units from the following:

COMS 451 Advanced Interpersonal Communication (3)
COMS 453 Organizational Communication (3)
EPC 451 Fundamentals of Counseling and Guidance (3)
PSY 356 Industrial and Organizational Psychology (3)
PSY 383 Interpersonal Competence and Group Dynamics (3)
SOC 481 Counseling, Interviewing and Intervention (3)
SOC 492 Human Behavior in the Social Environment (3)
Appropriate Experimental Topics courses with advisor pre-approval (3)

4. General Education (48 units)

Undergraduate students must complete 48 units of General Education as described in this Catalog.

Total Units in the Major/Option: 53

General Education Units: 48

Additional Units: 19

Total Units Required for the B.A. Degree: 120


Chair: Karen Morgaine
Santa Susana Hall (SN) 314
(818) 677-3290 

Sociology, B.A. Option IV
Ana Prata

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will be able to recall and comprehend concepts, principles, theories, and knowledge in the field of Sociology and as related to their particular option.
  2. Students will be able to recall and interpret common statistics used in Sociology utilizing computer printout.
  3. Students will be able to apply critical thinking skills to answer questions about social phenomena.
  4. Students will demonstrate the ability to collect, process and interpret research data.
  5. Students will demonstrate the ability to link theory with observation using research methodologies.
  6. Alumni will acknowledge the use of their sociological knowledge in graduate school, their workplace and their personal life.
  7. Students will be able to demonstrate understanding of the diverse nature of groups in society and their relevance to cross-cultural and global issues.


ADT/STAR Act Degree Road Maps

Students who have graduated with a verified Associate Degree for Transfer and have been admitted to a CSUN program that has been deemed similar will be able to complete the baccalaureate degree within 60 semester units. For additional information, see ADT/STAR Act Degree Road Maps.

Sociology/Work and Society Option - AA-T in Sociology - 2017

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